God has Spoken
The Bible is God’s word, clear, reliable and contemporary. It tells us all we need to know and to serve God.

God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit
God the Son became a human being in the person of Jesus Christ. The God-Man showing us exactly what God is like and how we should live.

Jesus has died
Jesus died on the cross to take the punishment we deserve because of our sin, our refusal to let God rule over us. We depend on him alone to be forgiven.

Jesus is alive
God raised Jesus from the dead to be our living Lord. He lives and rules today. He opened our way to heaven.

Jesus will return
Jesus will return to judge us all, to rescue those who have trusted him and to punish those who have rejected him.

Gods Spirit is with us
God’s Holy Spirit gives us new life and helps us know and grow more like Jesus. We need his power.

Becoming a Christian
To become a Christian, we must turn to Christ, accepting his rule over us, and trust in his death for us as our saviour.

Living as a Christian
To live as a Christian we need to listen to the Bible, to obey what God says, we need to talk with God, to pray, and we need the encouragement of other Christians (Church).

Serving as a Christian
To serve as a Christian we must no longer live for ourselves but for God and especially to make him known to others.

Waiting as a Christian
To wait as a Christian is to look forward to meeting Jesus face to face either when we die because death is not the end or when Jesus comes back.

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