Prayer Requests – 23 June 2019

Suggestions For Your Prayers…

  • For those managing the daily challenges of ill health. Give thanks and pray for family and friends who are giving practical support and spiritual encouragement when it is needed.
  • For ongoing work with the children at Riseley Primary School, for James and Lynda taking assemblies and for Sam and the team running Aslan.
  • Give thanks for the leaders and supporters of all children’s groups held in the Church. Pray that through all these opportunities the children attending have fun and grow to love and trust Jesus.
  • For those about starting the Christianity Explored courses, that they will get answers to their questions and come to understand more about Jesus.
  • For the Milson family. Give thanks for God’s love during their first year in Spain.  Pray that they are able to grow and nurture relationships formally and informally at church, school, language classes and in the dog park and that they continue to make the most of evangelistic opportunities.  For Jemima to be supported through her challenges and anxieties and for Theo to be a good and godly example to friends at school and church.  Pray especially for any impact of Brexit on their residency application.
  • For the whole congregation to continue to be strengthened through serving together. Pray that God would give growth.
  • For the appointment of a Children and Families Worker, that God will provide us with a great person to take on this role.

They were all filled with awe and praised God.
“A great prophet has appeared among us,” they said.
“God has come to help his people”

Luke 7:16

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