Prayer Requests – 5th November 2017

Suggestions For Your Prayers…


  • That Remembrance may be a prompt for all of us – especially national leaders, to think and take action for the avoidance of war


  • Strength and resourcefulness for all who are trying to bring help to those in desperate situations, such as the children suffering with cholera in Yemen, the Christian relief agencies seeking to help the Rohingya in Bangladesh as they escape from Myanmar. Border staff in Mediterranean countries facing a constant stream of migrants from North Africa. The war scarred countries of the Middle East as Isis are driven out


  • Those in our congregation and community who are facing serious illness, undergoing demanding treatment or recovering from surgery. Pray for family members and friends to be able to give practical support and spiritual encouragement when it is needed


  • Church leaders at all levels to continue to be lead more by Jesus, lead more like Jesus and lead more to Jesus. Having been reminded on the Away Day that each of us is God’s gift to every other one of us, pray that we would be active in praying for God’s equipping to learn how to function more and more as a healthy body with every part working in harmony as it should


  • As the Primary School settles into a more familiar routine, pray for the headteacher and all the staff to work for excellence in standards for the children as well as strengthening the ethos


  • That God would call and draw young people to himself through Sunday Groups, ABC, ADAM, Aslan’s Club, Fusion, Omega+ and CYFA


  • God’s direction of the planning needed to prepare for the period of vacancy so that mission and ministry will be able to continue for the good of the whole congregation


Know Christ and Make Him Known