Prayer Requests – 29th October 2017

Suggestions For Your Prayers…

  • Give thanks for the teaching given at the Church Away Day. Pray that we would be dependent on God as we work through the application of our identity in Christ as a people united through belonging to God, with diverse gifts of equal value to be used for the common good
  • Pray for Crosslinks Mission Partners, Julian and Nicky and their children – learning Spanish, raising funds and looking for a place to live in Valencia – as they prepare for their move next year. Pray that God would work through the political tensions to prepare people to hear the gospel which gives secure citizenship in heaven
  • As cohorts of young people vary from year to year, please pray for God-directed clear thinking about the most effective way for us to provide opportunities for reaching and teaching them. Pray for the leaders working with Sunday groups, ABC, ADAM, Aslan’s Club, Fusion, Omega+ and CYFA to be ready to change or persevere under God’s guidance. For good and godly decisions about future holiday clubs
  • Christians under pressure through circumstance or the effects of ill-health. Those who find it difficult to get out of their homes, the lonely and the fearful. Continue to pray for people recovering after time in hospital or receiving treatment. Give thanks for every recovery from illness and sign of healing
  • Joy in Christian service as we seek to Know Christ and Make Him Known