Prayer Requests – 22nd October 2017

Suggestions For Your Prayers…


  • As cohorts of young people vary from year to year please pray for God-directed clear thinking about the most effective way for us to provide opportunities for reaching and teaching them. Pray for the leaders working with Sunday Groups, ABC, ADAM, Aslan’s Club, Fusion, Omega+ and CYFA age groups to be ready to change or persevere under God’s guidance. For good and godly decisions about future Holiday Clubs


  • Those who find it difficult to get out of their homes, the lonely and the fearful. Continue to pray for people recovering after time in hospital or receiving treatment. Give thanks for every recovery from illness and signs of healing


  • Organisations seeking to provide support for people with mental health issues and those who are suicidal. Especially pray for the staff and work of the Stables seeing more people suffering in this way


  • For all teachers and especially those connected to our congregation as they face heavy demands on their time and expectations of pupils parents and colleagues. Pray for them to show consistent Christian character that will be a witness to those around them


  • Politicians to remember their representative role and to know how to exercise their influence to serve and speak up for the needs of all including the vulnerable. Pray for God to raise up people who will speak clearly, lead and act in accordance with his good ways and against those ideas which undermine stability and good relationships in society


  • Give thanks for the number of people able to attend our church Away Day at Kimbolton  and for all the planning and organisational work that has been done. Pray for our speaker as he prepares, that God would direct him with words that will build us up for “Living as the people of God” – and pray for him and the family during this challenging  time of getting ready to move abroad to Spain


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