Prayer Requests – 1st October 2017

Suggestions For Your Prayers…


  • Ask for God’s merciful direction of those who govern our nation and for political parties to be drawn to principles and goals that will genuinely be for the benefit of our society in accordance with God’s ways


  • God’s provision and protection of biblically faithful ministry at all levels of church life and witness. For all who are in mission situations to know they are not alone especially in the face of persecution or overwhelming need


  • For the individuals whose choice of words and actions are so critical for the conduct of international relations. Pray that God would make them attentive to wise advisers and grant discernment to see the path to peace and reconciliation along with courage and boldness to bring them about


  • For those in authority and individuals coping with the continuing impact of earthquakes in Mexico; hurricanes in the Caribbean and USA; tens of thousands of children with cholera in Yemen; the ongoing flow of migrants, including the Rohingya fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh


  • Pray for those carrying responsibility during these important early stages of establishing effective management and a strong ethos at the Primary School


  • Those recovering after time in hospital or receiving treatment. For any who feel their strength is failing that they would lean on God. For all who are giving medical or care support to do so with discernment and sensitivity


  • For bereaved Christians, as they remember loved ones, that God would grant them comfort through confidence in his promises


  • The PCC developing our Mission Action Plan and considering important questions of how to honour God in accordance with his word, using the gifts and resources he has given us


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