Prayer Requests – 17th September 2017

Suggestions For Your Prayers…


  • Give thanks that Riseley CE Primary School is now open and functioning. Pray for all staff and pupils learning how best to use the new and old buildings. Pray for the pupils and parents for whom it is a new feature, to be quickly reassured about fitting in to a Church School. Also for the school ethos to be positively and well established


  • The continuing impact of hurricanes in the Carribean and USA; earthquake in Mexico; continuing crisis (especially for chidren) in Yemen. The ongoing flow of migrants from one desperate place to another, including the Rohingya fleeing Myanmar to Bangladesh. For God to raise up peacemakers in political conflicts


  • All students and pupils beginning new courses. Pray for our returning students to continue in Christian fellowship and to grow as godly disciples. For Festive as they seek new staff and use opportunities to support individuals and CUs in 6th Form and Technical Colleges


  • For everyone with health concerns, awaiting or having received test results, working out practical implications of treatment. That carers may be sensitive to give the right support, That all involved would look to God for spiritual strength and learn how to lean on him with complete trust


  • Staff at the Stables bearing the emotional burden of caring for vulnerable clients. For and those with management responsibility


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