Prayer Requests – 3rd September 2017

Suggestions For Your Prayers…


  • People in places of physical threat. Hurricane Harvey. The millions affected by flooding in Nepal, NE India and Bangladesh. Cholera affecting large numbers of children in Yemen. All affected by terrorism.  For bold solutions to halt the constant flow of migrants from one desperate place to another and practical compassion for those being rescued. For Christian relief workers, ministers and churches to give help and loving  witness to the assurance that comes from trusting God


  • Festive have sent us this prayer request: Approaching the new term, pray that workers will be able to connect with lots of Christian students across the country to help inspire and equip them to share their faith and live for Christ whilst at college. Pray for new CUs to start up and current ones to grow and particularly pray for students starting in year 12 this term


  • Riseley CE Primary School. Still LOTS to be done in a very short time. Pray for the whole staff adjusting to a new set up, that they would work well together to quickly establish a  strong and positive ethos for the children’s learning. Pray for good management of logistics for the move and wise handling of any issues and glitches that may arise


  • All the bereaved


  • For those dealing with medical tests, treatment regimes, mental health issues: to look to God when fearful, in pain or distressed and be granted hope relief and peace


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