Prayer Requests – 13th August 2017

Some Suggestions For Your Prayers…


  • Restraint between nations fearful of attack. Pray that God would be at work among the people and leaders of North Korea and all other leaders engaged in diplomacy to avoid actual use of weapons


  • Nations facing unrest within their own country: Venezuela, Yemen, South Sudan, Kenya and those dealing with terrorist actions in France, Virginia in the USA , the UK and many others


  • Pray for the handover of the new school site scheduled for this week. Pray  for clarity in the legal aspects and for the builders to manage any unexpected challenges so that they  will be able to finish well and on time. Pray for safety and efficiency in the huge task of removals and for staff and volunteers to have the stamina they need to clear out and clean the existing rooms so they can be used for storage


  • The Head teacher to make good decisions in setting up the new school


  • All students awaiting results, -A levels this week. Pray they would discover a godly perspective as they look to the future


  • For all the recently baptised, to have a constantly growing understanding of how to follow Christ


  • Leaders and members on all Summer Ventures


  • All the bereaved that they may be able to find joy and thankfulness to God in their memories and comfort in their sorrow


  • Those coping with serious illness and their carers whether in hospital or at home



Know Christ and Make Him Known