Prayer Requests – 16th July 2017

Suggestions for your prayers…


  • Resilience for those in high profile leadership as they face a continuous barrage of criticism, pressure situations, an intense schedule of meetings and briefings. Pray that being aware of their need they would, in humility, turn to God in prayer and receive his wisdom and direction


  • The site manager and his team completing the new Primary School. For skill dealing with problems that arise and to finish so that staff can make things ready for 11th September


  • The Headteacher leading the staff to continue the excellence and Christian ethos for the benefit and enjoyment of all pupils regardless of previous experience at other schools


  • All students changing to a new school in September, to celebrate the closing of the current step in their education and to face the new one with excitement and enthusiasm to learn


  • People preparing for marriage this year


  • Students volunteering on summer projects. Pray their experiences and challenges would help them to grow personally and in knowledge of God.


  • All the bereaved


  • For the very sick to remember or hear words of comfort that renew their hope and trust in God. For their carers and families to know the best way to encourage them, and especially at times when things might seem to get worse


  • Those of our congregations reflecting together at the end of the Growing Leaders course. Pray they would know how to make fruitful use of all they have learned


  • That as a church we would learn from Nehemiah to walk in the fear of our God, listening to God’s voice above all others and have courage to serve him wholeheartedly

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