Prayer Requests – 4th June 2017

To Consider In Your Prayers…


  • The General Election. Pray for thoughtful voting and for God’s hand to direct elected candidates to give conscientious service for the good of those they represent. Pray that there will be clear voices to speak up for what will strengthen communities according to his ways


  • For those in government and those new to their role from Thursday onwards who are faced with high pressure decision making in the face of terrorist acts. Also for personal stamina and courage as they seek to establish priorities and implement policies applying to complex issues with very long term consequences. For God’s mercy on our nation


  • The injured, traumatised and bereaved families and friends caught up in the attack in Manchester and other similar incidents across the world. Pray for all the agencies offering support and help and especially local Christians, ministers and churches involved in challenging conversations over the coming weeks. That many would discover the peace of eternal security through God’s love shown in Christ


  • For the Lower School in this final term at the present site. For Margaret Beaufort School to function well alongside building for the new Primary School. The timetable is very tight. Please pray for the builders and site manager to work safely and quickly and to finish on time


  • Everyone facing exams and finals- to make wise decisions when considering their future and have confidence in God’s good purposes as they wait for results


  • Those in our church family coping with bereavement, illness and other causes of strain at home or at work. Those who need extra care to live safely; the housebound, lonely or in residential care


  • That we would be people of prayer and faithful service and that the Lord would add to our number those who are being saved.  (See Acts 2:47)


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