Prayer Requests – 21st May 2017

To Consider In Your Prayers…


  • Thank you for your prayers for our inspection last Friday as an Anglican Church School (Separate from Ofsted). The result will probably not be released until after half term. Last Wednesday the headmaster and governor representatives went to the site in the pouring rain, stuck a spade in the ground and prayed for God’s blessing on all who will be working and learning there over the coming years. The timetable for the building is very tight. Please pray for the builders and their site manager to finish work safely and as quickly as possible


  • School, College and University Students facing exams and finals. Pray they would be able to consider the future with growing confidence in God’s good purposes as they wait for results


  • Pray that the Village Hall hustings on Friday might be an honest presentation of political priorities and values allowing people to be well informed as they make their vote in the General Election


  • That God would be opening doors for the gospel as people think about the foundations of their world view and what will be truly good for society and our place in the world


  • Parents and all who have responsibility for the care of young children


  • The people who work to protect the rest of us from criminal activity, terrorism and international conflict. Ask that God would grant them wisdom and success and frustrate the actions of those who are cruel and careless with the lives and concerns of others. Pray for medical and hospital workers under strain, patients suffering illness and the extra pressures caused by the threat and incidence of cyber attacks


  • For our services week by week and all our other meetings and activities to be building us up for faithful, fruitful service and reaching people of all ages with the good news of Christ crucified, risen, ascended, reigning and returning


Know Christ and Make Him Known