Prayer Requests – 14th May 2017

To Consider In Your Prayers


  • Please pray for the special Church School inspection next Friday  19th May. Give thanks for Ofsted rating our Lower School as Good.  Please pray for all the staff and governors as preparations continue to be worked through for the transition to Primary School at the new site. Building is getting under way this week and the timing is very tight for allowing the practical challenge of moving and setting up to be ready for children in September
  • Students facing exams  and finals
  •  The voting taking place today in the French election. Campaigning over the next 6 weeks for our General Election, for careful speaking and listening and that God would be opening doors for the gospel as people think about the foundations of their world view and what will be truly good for society and our place in the world
  • Give thanks for all Christian congregations who seek to honour God in worship and to make Christ known. Give thanks for Sharnbrook Evangelical Church celebrating their 25th Anniversary, and for our partnership in the gospel
  • Parents and all who have responsibility for the care of young children
  • The people who work to protect the rest of us from criminal activity, terrorism and international conflict. Ask that God would grant them wisdom and success and frustrate the actions of those who are cruel and  careless with the lives and concerns of others. Pray for medical and hospital workers under strain, patients suffering illness and the extra pressures caused by the threat and incidence of cyber attacks
  • The bereaved and those in hospital or coping with treatment. Others who may be finding recovery slow and awkward


Know Christ and Make Him Known