Prayer Requests – 23rd April 2017

For Your Prayers …


  • Following our Annual Meeting, pray that each of will willingly and cheerfully take bold steps to give generously in support of Christian ministry and mission, in our church fellowship, locally and across the world. Give thanks for those whose generosity (with money, time and skills) has already contributed so much to the activities, such as the holiday club, beautiful flowers, a clean church, refreshments, resources, hospitality for home groups, comforting visits to the lonely, teaching children, administration, maintenance, running youth groups, enabling ministry in schools – and many other things


  • For all coping with ill health or bereavement and for families under pressure


  • For good quality debate during campaigning for the general election and for safety for all candidates


  • French elections beginning tomorrow and wise handling of security issues following the attack in Paris last week


  • The tense situation in Afghanistan, relations with North Korea, the suffering citizens of Syria, the millions affected be the East African drought crisis


  • The small number of people who are national leaders with the huge responsibility of worldly power and influence over many millions of citizens. At this time of terrorism and strained international relations, with shocking disparity between the wealthy and the poor, pray for God to awaken conscience and compassion in leaders, to grant discernment and wisdom along with the courage to act boldly for peace, justice & protection of the vulnerable