Prayer Requests – 9th April 2017

Prompts For Your Prayers This Week …


  • That God would mercifully open pathways for negotiation, the restraint of military and violent actions and the establishing of peace especially in Syria


  • God’s comfort for those dealing with the shock of terrorist and criminal attacks in Sweden and Westminster. Wisdom for leaders considering how to respond, that escalation may avoided and that God would remove those who abuse others by their use of  power


  • The bereaved – that they would discover the assurance of God’s presence while managing funeral arrangements


  • Relief and the renewal of hope for people suffering in the East African Crisis. Give thanks for the good work being done now and pray for perseverance for all the aid workers


  • Our country’s representatives working through the Brexit negotiations. For leaders on all sides to act in good conscience and with sensitivity for the consequences of their actions


  • Those undergoing or recovering from medical treatment


  • The holiday club team as several are facing extra challenges and distractions through work or family. Pray for each child to truly grasp something of God’s love. Pray for clear teaching of the Joseph story AND Easter in the short time


  • Lower School staff to have a refreshing break after a demanding spring term


  • For our Annual Meeting to be a time for thanksgiving and renewal of our commitment to serve God’s call. Pray for God’s hand to direct and provide for the election/appointment of people to the PCC including a new Churchwarden

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