Prayer Requests – 26th March 2017

Prompts for your prayers this week …


  • Those with caring responsibilities at home, among relatives and professionally, that they would be granted physical and mental strength to act with compassion towards the vulnerable


  • For all who feel unloved to receive an expression of loving care to renew their hope


  • All the bereaved, especially those for whom Mothering Sunday brought painful memories


  • 22 million people suffering the famine and drought in East African countries including South Sudan, Nigeria, Kenya and Somalia. Also in Yemen.  Give thanks for the money given so far and pray that God would open doors for effective aid to reach those in need quickly


  • The people of Mosul and in many other cities under attack. Ask that God would give determination and success to those working for peace


  • Give thanks for those who work with great courage to provide security across our country. Pray for God’s comfort for those dealing with the shock of terrorist and criminal actions like the attack in  Westminster. Ask God to give wisdom to the people considering how to respond


  • Our country taking the significant political step to begin “Brexit”. Pray for leaders on all sides to act in good conscience and be sensitive to the consequences of their words and actions


  • Final preparations for Easter Holiday Club, prayerful dependence on God for those organising leading and teaching. Pray for clear teaching of the Joseph story and Easter in the short time


  • Pray for everyone working hard on the plans for the new school building. For good decisions on details as they arise, and for good working relationships to be in place for the Autumn term


  • Each of us as we seek to be godly in serving God within this church family. Pray that our Annual Meeting would be a time for thanksgiving and renewal of our commitment to serve God’s call. Pray for God’s hand to direct and provide for the election/appointment of people to the PCC including a new Churchwarden