Prayer Requests – 12th March 2017

Prompts For Your Prayers This Week …

• There are tens of millions of displaced people, refugees and migrants across the world. Pray for people at all levels who work to support them not to be overwhelmed, but to be able to bring genuine help and comfort

• News this week tells us there is famine for 20 million people, with especially desperate circumstances in South Sudan and Yemen, being made worse though ethnically and politically motivated conflict. This is being described as the worst humanitarian crisis since WW2. Let us ask God to open doors for effective aid to be organised and resourced quickly

• For all the bereaved in our villages and, as known to us, beyond

• For God’s wisdom for people approaching significant changes, such as moving house, new jobs, retirement, health and financial issues

• For those dealing with ill health, difficult and painful treatment or recovery from operations

• Give thanks that the Easter Holiday Club is now full. Pray for the team to continue to work well together to deliver not only a good experience, but also clear Christian content

• Give thanks that planning permission has been granted so that building work for the new school can begin on schedule. Pray for senior staff, governors and other officials who have the pressures of responsibility – and for good decisions and relationships when challenges arise