Prayer Requests – 22nd January 2017

To Prompt You This Week As You Pray …


  • For God mercifully to hear and answer the prayers for his wisdom and humility in service to be granted to the newly inaugurated President of the United States. Give thanks that such prayers were offered so publicly and heard by a global audience.  (See 1 Kings 3:5-15)


  • God’s hand on those with authority, in public service, in local councils and national government departments, when they are faced with extensive and complex problems because of natural disasters, the movement of migrants or economic crises. In Syria, Italy, South Sudan, Turkey, The Gambia and many other countries


  • Pray for individuals in our church family who are coping with the consequences of surgery, accidents and the disruption to everyday life, work and responsibilities. Pray for the patience and perseverance of all their carers


  • People who are trying to make good decisions on behalf of elderly relatives


  • All the bereaved as they grieve and also deal with ongoing practical consequences


  • Give thanks for an encouraging planning meeting for Easter Holiday Club Wed 12th and Thurs 13th April. The theme is Joseph: Zero to Hero. Continue to pray for the Core team developing the content, that it would be faithful, engaging, safe and enjoyable. For publicity to be effective over half term so that we would have a good number of applicants early on


  • For the lower school preparing for the changes taking place in September; for the Head Teacher, the staff, the governors, diocesan and local authority advisors. Pray for good handling of relationships during the demands of a period of significant change affecting both the lower and middle schools


  • Students taking exams to keep a clear sense of perspective and to discover how to put their trust prayerfully in God and seek his direction as they consider their developing talents


  • Those on the Growing Leaders Course that the time and thought invested would be fruitful


God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,

that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. John 3:16

 Know Christ and Make Him Known