Prayer Requests – 13th November 2016

To Consider As You Pray This Week…


  • Vulnerable people of all ages trying to survive and endure the horrific conditions caused by current wars including in Mosul & Aleppo. All who have been bereaved because of war and those who are remembering family and friends who have served in the military


  • Pray that Acts of Remembrance might play a part in deepening the commitment to be peacemakers in every aspect of life and in stirring up the courage to resist all evil influences


  • Countries across the world, as well as the USA, who have had a change of leadership and for the changes in international and internal relations that result . Especially pray for clear voices for justice and compassion where there are great religious and economic pressures. Remember the people of South Sudan, Ethiopia, Philippines, Turkey, Columbia, Pakistan and across the Middle East where the stability of politics and leadership appear so vulnerable


  • Those in our congregation and all who have a role to play in caring for relatives or involvement in significant family events as the balance and responsibilities of relationships shifts and changes. Pray for practical and spiritual wisdom with Christ-like words and actions


  • For the people from our congregation and other local churches attending a CPAS Leaders training course. To be led more by Jesus; to lead more like Jesus; to lead more to Jesus


  • Those who are under stress because of the pressure of work or considering life changes


  • As building plans take shape pray for God’s hand on the development of the new Riseley Primary School (September 2017)  that it would become a valued part of and contributor to our community


  • Wise handling of opportunities to help migrants across Europe and North Africa including young people arriving in UK. Over 4,000 have drowned in the Mediterranean this year