Prayer Requests – 30th October 2016

To Consider As You Pray This Week…


  • Give thanks for the encouragements and challenges received through clear teaching from Colossians at the Church Weekend. Pray that all we have been taught would help us to grow in accordance with God’s purposes for us as a church family. For Rod Thomas preparing to preach for two congregations in Germany. Also for clear thinking as he seeks to promote a biblical understanding of issues facing the Church of England


  • Those who are faced with complex decisions regarding care for family and elderly relatives


  • All in our community in recovery after accidents and those caring for them


  • Christians who are grieving; that they would be able to express their feelings in prayer, know God’s continuing presence and move forward with growing trust in him


  • For our Christian brothers and sisters caught up in desperate situations such as the battle for Mosul and many other towns in Iraq


  • People in the continuing violence across Syria, and Aleppo in particular


  • The work of The Messengers, Open Doors, Barnabas Fund Mission Aviation Fellowship and others giving practical and pastoral support to those being persecuted for their faith across the world


  • World Vision, Tear Fund and other Christian relief agencies


  • Wise handling of opportunities to help migrants including young people arriving in UK, but also the hundreds of thousands across Europe and North Africa


  • That many would seek God’s wisdom and that he would grant clarity of thought and direction to voters in the USA election and in many other political settings


  • Those people involved in implementing the change to a Primary School for Riseley


  • For clear thinking to know how best to use the resources we have in Riseley and Bletsoe, to improve facilities and that more people of all ages would enjoy learning about Christian faith


  • Boldness with sensitivity to recognise and use opportunities to speak Christianly a\round the subject of Halloween