Prayer Requests – 9th October 2016

To Consider As You Pray This Week…


  • All undergoing operations or in recovery and those who are feeling weighed down with ill health or frailty. Pray for good judgement from staff, relatives and friends working to show them practical care, encouragement and comfort


  • Pupils and students adjusting to new situations. Pray they would quickly discern priorities and take the opportunities to engage with Christian Unions and churches


  • Church Weekend 21st-23rd October. Rod Thomas speaking and all other preparations


  • Ask that God would stir our imaginations so that we would know how to pray for people in the relentless horror of  the Syrian war
    • organisations, authorities and nations facing overwhelming numbers of suffering migrants;
    • the  devastation and over a thousand deaths in Haiti/USA  caused by hurricane Matthew;
    • a genuine end to the 50 year war in Columbia following the Nobel Peace Prize for President Juan Manuel Santos


  • The process of planning to implement the change to a Primary School for Riseley