Prayer Requests – 18th September 2016

To Consider As You Pray This Week


  • For Monday’s Deanery meeting that God would answer the Living God’s Love prayer to enable all Christians in our local churches to be faithful in presenting Christ:

Living God, draw us deeper into your love;

Jesus our Lord, send us to care and serve;

Holy Spirit, make us heralds of good news.

Stir us, strengthen us, teach and inspire us

to live your love with generosity and joy, imagination and courage;

for the sake of your world and in the name of Jesus, Amen


  • Pray for enough leaders for all our young people’s groups to run safely and effectively


  • For ABC leaders at the first Autumn meeting on Wednesday


  • Everyone coping with injury and/or ill health. Pray that God would give them an encouragement every day with strength of hope and heart to endure with patience


  • All the bereaved and those attending funerals in the near future


  • Christian Unions at universities, colleges and schools. For those (over the next few weeks) negotiating their way through Freshers’ weeks, new accommodation away from home and those returning


  • Pray God to help the helpless, to break open the barriers – whether political, physical or spiritual-  that prevent people receiving their basic needs. Especially in Syria and across the Middle East; migrants attempting to cross from North Africa to Europe