Prayer Requests – 11th September 2016

To Consider As You Pray This Week…


  • All the activities and groups beginning a new term and for all that we do as a church family. Pray that each person taking part would be enabled to grow in understanding of how to honour God in their lives at home and at work


  • Give thanks for those who serve in leading and teaching young people and pray especially for the challenge of having enough leaders for every meeting of every group so that it can run safely and effectively. Pray for the Sunday groups to build up a consistent number


  • Aslan’s Club and Breakout beginning this week


  • All those for whom each day is hard work while they face the challenges of long term ill-health or recovery . Pray that God would give them something that encourages them EVERY day to be able to endure with patience


  • All the bereaved


  • Pray for all people who are reflecting on their lives because of changing circumstances or traumatic events, that God would speak to them and teach them how to trust him for their future


  • Pray for the ongoing discussions regarding the practical requirements for moving towards the establishing of one Riseley Primary School. Pray for decisions that will minimise disruption while enabling long lasting benefits


  • The people who are living under the constant threat of attack or the effects of siege conditions. Pray for God to give success to those who are working at negotiations for immediate relief and breaks in fighting and that he would open the door to new political arrangements that would allow for true peace