Prayer Requests – 31st July 2016

To Consider As You Pray This Week…


  • For God to give patience to all those who are concerned and caring for relatives who are unwell or in hospital


  • Households in which school or university holidays may create greater stress on relationships and finances than usual


  • Young people on Summer Ventures that they would receive clear Bible teaching and see examples of godly character and lifestyle in their leaders


  • Couples preparing to be married during the summer in Bletsoe and Riseley


  • For citizens of countries with unsettled leadership and significant political changes in progress. Ask God to open doors for Christian ministry, service and love of neighbour in Turkey, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, USA, EU and in our own country


  • Pray for school and university students to find the right attitude to adopt  in response to exam results and their implications for future study or work. especially that Christians would assess things from a godly perspective


  • For God’s mercy to provide leaders with the position and skill to restrain terrorists