Prayer Requests – 10th July 2016

To Consider As You Pray This Week…


  • Headline subjects that are in the news:  Pray for Christian wisdom, Christ-like character and  truthful words  regarding all these areas


  • Violence and widespread alarm about race relations and attitudes towards and within the police  in the United States


  • The fast moving and heated exchanges connected with leadership of political  parties and the process of selecting the next Prime Minister


  • The unfolding consequences of the EU Referendum vote for our own nation and the ramification across Europe


  • Those who have been bereaved. Pray for all people who are reflecting on their lives because of changing circumstances or traumatic events, that God would speak to them


  • The people who are escaping from violent circumstances yet remain desperately vulnerable – such as citizens in towns under attack or siege over a long period. Pray for those working in refugee camps or with migrants in transit, that they would be able to remain compassionate when they themselves are also under great strain and with limited resources. Give thanks for those who are willing to work sacrificially and pray for God to open up opportunities for  change


  • Please continue to pray for the extremely complex process of changing to one primary school in Riseley. There are many practical issues to be resolved. Pray for all senior school staff, the local authority and diocesan officers to find effective ways to work together for the best outcome