Prayer Requests – 12th June 2016

To Consider As You Pray This Week…



  • Father God, we give you thanks for the servant heart of our Queen. We thank you for the example she has set of godly humility and reliance on you in good times and bad. We pray that you would strengthen her, give her joy, and be her strength as she runs her race faithfully to the end


  • Ask God for wisdom in knowing how to pray for the continuing migrant crisis


  • In the swirl of large scale problems affecting many nations pray for Christians in all areas not to lose confidence in the gospel, that we and they would hold on to and hold out the word of truth (see Philippians 2:14-16a)


  • Ask God for discernment of the key issues as EU Referendum debates continue. On the brink of a decision with huge consequences for the future, whichever way it goes, pray for God’s direction and mercy to open many doors for the gospel


  • Students and pupils managing expectations regarding exams and results that will effect decisions about subject choices and career options


  • Give thanks for the book celebrating the Queen’s reign (The Servant Queen) and pray God will be glorified through its witness to her faith