Prayer Requests – 29th May 2016

To Consider As You Pray This Week …

  • For those in hospital, that treatments would be effective and that they may continue to trust God
  • For all who have been bereaved and especially relatives coming to terms with the news of sudden deaths in accidents, such as the Egypt Air plane crash, and the capsizing boat in the Mediterranean (along with many other migrant boat tragedies). Give thanks for the willing efforts of people in all kinds of emergency services and pray for their mental resilience. Even in the sadness, pray that they would reflect on their lives and be drawn to the God who saves
  • For The Messengers, Open Doors, Barnabus Fund, Tear Fund, World Vision, Christian Aid and other organisations as they bring relief and Christian witness in places of extreme need
  • For our nation approaching the EU referendum. On the brink of a decision with huge consequences for the future whichever way it goes, pray for God’s direction and mercy, that he will open many doors for the gospel and gospel workers
  • For school staff and pupils on half-term holiday to be refreshed before the final term of the year
  • For all students taking exams and considering their future
  • Give thanks for The Servant Queen (the book celebrating our queen’s reign) and pray that God will be glorified through its witness to Queen Elizabeth’s faith