Prayer Requests – 22 May 2016

To consider as you pray this week…


  • The bereaved – families, friends and colleagues of those who have died suddenly in the Egyptian aeroplane crash or through many other causes. Pray that as they react and ask questions they would be comforted and be ready to hear and respond to God’s voice


  • The towns swept away or overwhelmed by the intense rains and landslides in several parts of Sri Lanka. Pray for the Christians seeking to help and serve the churches there


  • For people who have been traumatised through deliberate abuse, such as the girls abducted in Nigeria, to find a compassionate welcome when they return to their relatives and communities. Pray for Christians to know how to show a godly love of their neighbours when others stigmatise and reject them


  • All who have been bereaved


  • For  perseverance and resilience for all who have to cope with chronic pain and deteriorating health


  • The Messengers, Open Doors, Barnabas Fund, Tear Fund, World Vision, Christian Aid and other organisations as they bring relief in places of extreme need and that God would open the door for the gospel to be shared and lives to be changed as he draws people to himself


  • For those recently baptised  to grow in understanding God’s grace and that God would work in them so that their lives would increasingly reflect the promises and commitments they have made in baptism


  • That God would help us to think Christianly concerning issues around the EU Referendum