Prayer Requests – 24th January 2016

To Pray For This Week…  


  • At a critical stage in the ongoing and as yet unresolved debates regarding local school provision, pray for parents of primary age children to have discernment as they seek to understand the details and implications of the many plans and proposals being put forward. Pray for God’s hand on all involved in the Borough Council, The Diocese, Governing Bodies and staff so that good decisions may be made for the benefit of children


  • For the organisers and leaders of Summer Ventures to have godly vision, and for many young people to apply and gain a true understanding of what Christians believe. Pray for transparency of approach to counteract the increasing suspicion of ‘religious’ activities


  • Pray for children to apply for the Road Runners Easter Holiday Club with age grouping that suits the material and content we are planning. Give thanks for the skills and willingness to serve that we have on the planning team, and pray for God’s guidance as we share ideas and make decisions


  • For the anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, guilty or  weary for whatever reason, to be renewed in the strength and to be restored in the joy of God’s salvation (Psalm 51:12)


  • The recently bereaved as they remember significant people in their lives and prepare for funerals and changes of circumstance or responsibilities.


  • All who are suffering as refugees, migrants or in war zones and especially the persecuted. Give thanks for some positive steps in international relations with Iran, for some supplies getting through to one of the  besieged cities in Syria and pray that God would bless the efforts of those who are working to be peacemakers behind the scenes in world affairs