Prayer Requests – 3rd January 2016

To prompt your prayers this week…  


  • Pray for the staff and governors of all local schools preparing for a new term in the context of considerable tension and uncertainty regarding the longer term future of local schooling.  Pray that the Christian foundation and ethos of the Lower School would be able to continue for the benefit of many children in the future


  • Ask that God would help those who are ill to know how to pray and that he would enable them to have a deep trust in him even when they cannot see what his good purposes might be.  Pray for those who are anticipating medical treatment, that they would be able to make good judgements about practical matters and have a vivid awareness of God’s guidance and strength


  • For the many thousands of families, homes and businesses affected by the flooding; that there may be effective help for the vulnerable,  and that these difficult experiences might lead many to discover how to build their lives on the unshakeable rock of Christ


  • Courage and trust for Christians under attack as they speak the truth of God’s word., privately or publicly and for God’s mercy to direct the leaders of national churches in the Anglican Communion as they meet in Canterbury from 11th -16th January. Pray there will be a clear commitment to obedience to God’s everlasting word rather than a faith that changes in line with constantly changing culture


  • All those who are contemplating or adjusting to significant life changes in the coming year such as a change of job, moving house, effects of illness, retirement, family relationships, leaving home, bereavement, births, marriages, work responsibilities


  • For students returning to their courses and facing exams, that they would have godly priorities and keep work in perspective so that there is time to rest and time for Christian fellowship