Prayer Requests – 13th December 2015

For your prayers this week…  


  • Pray that many would read and be encouraged by the leaflet delivered to homes in the village. For a good atmosphere at ABC on Wednesday morning and All Dads and Me! on Saturday- and that the significance of the Christmas story would be clearly communicated


  • People away from home or who cannot be where they would like to be because of work, or as refugees, or through ill health, or unexpected circumstances. All who are fearful of loneliness at Christmas time and the recently bereaved


  • Individuals and communities suffering the effects of flooding and all trying to offer support


  • Christians and others who are working for reconciliation in areas of violent conflict including Syria, Burundi, and the many places attacked by terrorists


  • With the cooperation of 195 countries at the Climate Change Conference in Paris regarding responsibility for our relationship to the Planet, pray for Christian wisdom in speaking of our relationship to God the creator, especially as seen in the Christmas story


  • Pray for God’s hand on the outcome of decisions regarding the future of local schools


  • Everyone who is grappling with issues that seem overwhelming to be given an insight or an encouragement from God this Christmas to strengthen their assurance of his loving presence