Prayer Requests – 29th November 2015

To prompt your prayers this week…  


  • Pray for leaders working on international matters affecting many millions of people. Pray for their humility and that God would mercifully guide them to his wisdom and to actions that will lead to the reduction of suffering and the establishing of constructive government with justice for all groups


  • For the consultation process regarding our local schools. With a great deal at stake for all parties please pray for a good grasp of the consequences of various proposals and for God’s hand on the outcome


  • Continue to give thanks for the heritage of church schools and ours in particular, praying that a Christian ethos would be able to continue for the benefit of many children in the future. Ask God to give mental stamina to senior staff and governors


  • Pray for all new mothers and those preparing for a birth


  • Pray for the endurance of all who are managing the daily practical challenges arising from treatment for health issues. Ask that God would help them to know how to pray and that he would give them a deep trust that they are safe in his hands


  • All who are fearful of loneliness at Christmas time. Delivery of the Christmas cards and leaflets. Pray that our invitations to friends and neighbours would be accepted and fruitful


  • Courage and trust for Christians under attack as they speak the truth of God’s word, privately or publicly