Prayer Requests – 22nd November 2015

To prompt your prayers this week…  


  • Pray for leaders having to make difficult judgements about security in the aftermath of acts of terrorism in Paris and Mali and the threats in many other places including currently in Brussels. Pray for God’s restraining hand against the violent


  • For all those who are trying to assess the proposals regarding our local schools and how best to contribute to the consultation process


  • Continue to give thanks for the heritage church schools and ours in particular, praying that a Christian ethos would be able to continue for the benefit of many children in the future. Ask God to give mental stamina to senior staff and governors


  • People receiving help to tackle personal challenges that God would enable them and their carers so that they receive all that is required to grow in confidence and renewed health of mind body and spirit


  • The recently bereaved


  • Courage and trust for Christians under attack as they speak the truth of God’s word