Prayer Requests – 25th October 2015

To prompt your prayers this week…


  • Pray for all who are bereaved to be comforted and that they would turn to God as they reflect on the direction of their own lives


  • Christians who have a role to play in caring for relatives or involvement in significant family events as the balance and responsibilities of relationships shifts and changes. Pray for spiritual wisdom with Christ like words and actions


  • For people in hospital or receiving demanding courses of medical treatment to face difficult days and uncertainties with confidence in God’s timing and trust in his purposes


  • Give thanks for our Away Day and pray that those present would be able to digest and apply the teaching – to avoid drifting of course by looking to Jesus; to consider the example of Jesus in the face of suffering; to be increasingly like Jesus in character


  • That the tension between those who want to show care for refugees and migrants and those who want to suppress and restrain their movements would result in bold decision making from those in a position to influence the situations of so many vulnerable people


  • The work of The Stables & Festive