Prayer Requests – 18th October 2015

To prompt your prayers this week…


  • Continue to pray for God’s hand on those – borough, diocese, school heads – who are in the process of assessing proposals and making decisions regarding local schooling which will have long term consequences


  • For people in hospital or receiving demanding courses of medical treatment to face difficult days and uncertainties with confidence in God’s timing and trust in his purposes


  • Pray for all who are bereaved to be comforted and that they would turn to God as they reflect on the direction of their own lives


  • All carers, whether friends relatives or professionals – that they would have sufficient rest and refreshment themselves and the stamina to be able to give compassionate care


  • Students and others adjusting to being away from home as well as friends, siblings and parents adjusting to their absence


  • Wallace Benn as he speaks regularly to churches and as he prepares to speak for us on next Saturday. Pray for God’s direction to help him know how to preach God’s word and speak in a way that will build us up, teach us, encourage us, challenge us and inform us


  • For God to grant courage and success to the peacemakers in places where hatred and violence seem overwhelming, especially thinking of the troubles in Jerusalem, Syria and the thousands from many countries seeking new homes