Prayer Requests – 27th September 2015

To prompt your prayers this week…  


  • Sangster ministering in Bangalore and Asha. Pray that Jesus would build the church through their evangelism and Bible teaching


  • The service provided by Mission Aviation Fellowship enabling many others to fulfil their Christian service as well as frequent acts of emergency aid in remote places


  • Students and others beginning new courses or jobs. Pray for God’s guiding hand and for courage to be distinctive as disciples of Christ


  • Those receiving medical treatment and others with long term health concerns. Pray that, when they are uncertain in themselves, God would grant them the certainty of his presence and watchfulness over them


  • The bereaved, including all those affected by the deaths in Mecca. For Christians who have the opportunity to be able to show compassion and to point away from impersonal fatalism to relationship with a loving God who has overcome sin and death through Christ


  • The Lower School Head Teacher and Chair of Governors who are involved in meetings to consider issues for schools in Riseley and locally. Pray for God’s hand to direct the structure of local schooling for the benefit of children


  • Guests and everyone preparing for Saturday’s Harvest Supper at the Village Hall