Prayer Requests – 20th September 2015

To prompt your prayers this week…  


  • All who are in full time Christian ministry. For clear thinking and commitment to gospel priorities. That God would change hearts, renew minds and build his church through their service. Particularly pray for the service of Mission Aviation Fellowship enabling many others to fulfil their Christian service as well as frequent emergency aid in remote places


  • Students in their early weeks of settling in new places and making new friendships. Pray for God’s guiding hand and for their willingness to follow him


  • Christians who are suffering while witnessing to those around them who are suffering


  • The bereaved, those receiving medical treatment, others with long term health concerns – and their carers. When they are uncertain in themselves, pray God would grant them the certainty of his presence and watchfulness over them


  • Through the course of many meetings with school staff, councillors, governors and parents pray for God’s hand to direct the structure of local schooling for the benefit of children. Especially pray for our Lower School, staff and governors


  • God’s wisdom as we struggle to pray for the huge problems of war and migrants