Prayer Requests – 5th July 2015

To prompt your prayers this week…


  • As the local Borough seek to consult widely on the way forward for local schools and search for appropriate funding, pray that the long term interests of children would be the priority and that schools such as our lower school, with a distinctive Christian character would be able to flourish, whatever structures may emerge. Pray for school heads in their demanding roles


  • Individuals who are overwhelmed by worry, stress, heartbreak, despair. Pray for healing of mind and body, and for renewal of spirit. Pray for them to receive clear signs of love and that God would renew their hope, so that the peace of God which passes understanding would guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus


  • Preparations for Summer Ventures, the leaders and the young people who will attend. Pray for genuine growth in Christian understanding,


  • Bereaved families and those in shock after the attack on the beach at Sousse in Tunisia in which 38 people were killed. Pray that the thousands reflecting on such incidents would be drawn to look for peace and resist the call to violent hatred. Pray for Christians who have the opportunity to witness and point to Jesus the Prince of Peace


  • Migrants of all kinds and Christians working to care for them. Pray that those who need support would find it and those who face the challenging task of deciding who is in real need would be granted insight and practical wisdom. Especially pray for those put in danger through exploitation that they would receive respectful treatment. Pray for a positive change to ease the tension at borders such as Calais. Remember those detained, the chaplaincy and Christians visiting Yarls Wood