Prayer Requests – 19th April 2015

This week please pray…

  • That we would develop a greater likeness to the character of Christ so that we may be trustworthy and reliable in all our dealings with one another and people around us in day to day life


  • Give thanks for the encouragements of answered prayer


  • For the people who are taking desperate measures and risking death as they try to escape from their countries. Pray for them to find safety and peace of heart. Also pray for those who rescue them and the authorities of receiving countries to find the resources to act with compassion while seeking to maintain control. Ask that God would frustrate the plans of those who exploit the situation for their own gain


  • For the work of The Stables at Bolnhurst helping clients to regain lost confidence , learn new skills and have support at vulnerable times. For all the staff. Give thanks for encouraging answers to prayer


  • Students in schools and further education facing exams and finals and considering their future in the coming term.   For Christian unions to continue in faithful witness


  • For success as Festive promote the book ‘Beyond Beans and Toast’ among students


  • With upcoming staff changes, pray for all staff in our local schools and our Church Lower School as they face many pressures both professional and personal. Pray for the Head Teachers carrying the responsibility of leadership, for God to give wisdom and strength in their influential roles


  • For the bereaved, the lonely, the housebound and those struggling with illness, including those who would choose to be here be worshipping with us if they could


  • That in the General Election God would bring to the fore those who will act in government according to his purposes for our country