Prayer Requests – 12th April 2015

This week please pray…


  • That the reality of Jesus’ resurrection would be so vivid that it has an obvious impact upon our attitudes and actions wherever we are – and that the Holy Spirit would give us boldness to use the opportunities that arise for witness in our homes, families, schools, universities and work places


  • For the work of The Stables at Bolnhurst helping clients to regain lost confidence , learn new skills and have support at vulnerable times. For all the staff. Give thanks for encouraging answers to prayer


  • Students in schools and further education facing exams and finals and considering their future in the coming term. For Christian unions to continue in faithful witness


  • For success as Festive promote the book ‘Beyond Beans and Toast’ among students


  • The staff in our local schools and especially at our Church School as they all face many pressures both professional and personal. Pray for God’s hand to strengthen them in their influential roles


  • That God would grant us a clear grasp of what he has said in the Bible so that we may have discernment regarding which matters are a threat to the truth of the gospel and which things are secondary and thus appropriate for debate. Pray for those whose work frequently presents them with moral and ethical dilemmas


  • That the message of Easter brings encouragement to the bereaved


  • That people think carefully about the consequences of their vote in the election