Prayer Requests – 5th April 2015

This week please pray…


  • That the reality of Jesus’ resurrection would be so vivid that it has an obvious impact upon our attitudes and actions wherever we are, and that the Holy Spirit would give us boldness to use the opportunities that arise for witness in our homes, families, schools, universities and work places


  • That we may willingly and cheerfully take practical steps to give generously in support of Christian ministry and mission in our own church fellowship, locally and across the world


  • Giving thanks for the “What’s Missing?” children’s session and the Good Friday service and crafts. Give thanks for the skill and hard work of those who prepared the materials and supported the children and provided refreshments for the adults. Also for the sense of shared involvement for adults and children together as they focused on the significance of the cross


  • For people and families under pressure through work, illness, strained relationships or spiritual crises


  • For the families and friends of those (approx 150, mostly Christians) killed at the Kenyan University and for an effective response to the terrorists which will avoid escalation and bring peace


  • For all the bereaved and distressed after the German Wings plane crash and the thousands coping with rebuilding their homes and communities after the extreme weather in Vanuatu and the Philippines. Also the countries affected by Ebola


  • For Nigeria, United Kingdom and other countries approaching and responding to elections – that those who have the privilege and responsibility of government would be granted a strong moral sense, physical and mental stamina – and that the weak and vulnerable would be remembered with compassion