Prayer Requests – 15th March 2015

Prayers and Prayer Topics


  • All the bereaved and those who are feeling the struggle of adjusting to time on their own after having shared with another for many years


  • Taken from the prayer diary of CARE (Christian Action Research and Education)

Loving Saviour, thank you for your respect, honour and loving compassion for women and children. May your church increasingly care for them, especially those who are neglected, abused and exploited. Amen


  • As many give thanks for the benefits of a good family life remember those in great need due to mental and physical sickness, relationship breakdown, financial problems and the impact of living in deprived communities


  • Give thanks for those whose lives are dedicated to bringing sustenance, healing and other relief to the most vulnerable people in our world: in refugee camps, war zones, slums and other areas where poverty and injustice rob tens of thousands of their dignity and hope for the future