Prayer Requests – 8th March 2015

In your prayers please remember


  •  Christians who are battling with hard questions, doubt, the cost of being a disciple and the call to wholeheartedness. Pray they would see clearly what is at stake and have a fresh grasp of the grace of God. Also pray for the Christians who are seeking to support and counsel them, to have insight and boldness


  • The bereaved and all who are feeling the struggle of adjusting to time on their own after having shared with another for many years


  • Carers of people with long term illness or chronic conditions. Pray for their patience and that they would receive the respite and refreshment they need to be able to continue


  • For all staff in care homes and hospitals to have satisfaction in their work so that they can endure the frustrations and pressures. For residents and staff of Brook House


  • Stephen Liley (Vicar of Clapham) who is to be the new Rural Dean for Sharnbrook Deanery (assisted by Christine Clarke) – also Dr Michael Beasley to be the new Bishop of Hertford that the Bishop’s staff for our Diocese will continue to promote the aims of Living God’s love with its emphasis on Evangelism, Discipleship and Transforming Communities


  • People who suffer in Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, South Sudan, Pakistan


  • To pray that Christians would have the will to be well informed and able to speak about issues that will be affected by the outcome of the General Election