Prayer Requests – 1st February 2015

In your prayers please remember


  • all who are asking questions about their life and considering Christianity, that they would find helpful answers, clearly see the need to ask forgiveness and put their trust in Christ


  • new Christians as they begin to appreciate all the implications of following Christ , that they would know the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, enabling them to live godly lives


  • organisations such as Care and the Christian Institute who keep a watch on the Christian implications of medical, ethical, political, legal and educational policies and debates and support people who are caught up in legal battles through living and speaking according to Christian convictions. Also for Reform and other Evangelical groups seeking to proclaim the gospel and stand for the authority of God’s word in settling controversies


  • give thanks for the slow-down in the spread of Ebola. Continue to pray for all who are engaged with care for the sick, finding effective treatment, and providing for the bereaved, many of whom are now orphans


  • the bereaved, those affected by sudden illness or a change of circumstances and those whose general health keeps them at home


  • the politicians, ambassadors, diplomats, military, legal and community leaders who have the complex responsibility of responding to terrorist activities, hostage taking, and international conflict situations. Pray for their good judgement, moral and physical courage to act