Prayer Requests – 18th January 2015

In your prayers please remember



  • People who are beginning to see Jesus but are not yet clear that he is Lord of their lives


  • Following the killings in Paris and other acts of terrorism, as people are debating issues of freedom in political, religious or philosophical terms, pray that Christians would be able to choose their words carefully and speak with courage as they point to the freedom we have in Christ, the way the truth and the life


  • Organisations such as Care and the Christian Institute who keep a watch on the Christian implications of medical, ethical, political, legal and educational policies and debates and support people who are caught up in legal battles through living and speaking according to Christian convictions


  • As the number of deaths from Ebola reach more than 8000, pray for the stamina of all who are engaged with care for the sick, finding effective treatment, and providing for the bereaved, many of whom are now orphans


  • People affected by sudden illness or a change of circumstances, and those in hospital


  • The bereaved including several in the village


  • Persecuted and suffering Christians