Prayer Requests – 4th January 2015

In your prayers please remember



  • People who are hoping for a new start, and pray that they would be prompted to look to Jesus and understand


  • Give thanks for all the occasions at which the good news of Christ was presented and for all who attended Christmas services. Pray they would be motivated to find out more during the year ahead and would come to true faith in Christ


  • All who profess to be followers of Christ to live up to their calling and for church congregations to be places of genuine spiritual learning, inspiration and support. Pray that each of us in All Saints would grow in our discipleship as we serve and worship God and seek to love our neighbour as ourselves


  • The nations, and individuals affected by ebola. Pray for the stamina, discipline, imagination and success of all who are offering care, practical help and medical expertise


  • Everyone connected to the tragic circumstances of the Air Asia crash, the ferry fire, the Glasgow lorry accident, the desperate passengers on the deliberately abandoned ship approaching Italy and carrying trafficked migrants and many other incidents


  • People who are concerned for or caring for someone close to them who is ill or in trouble. Ask God to grant them opportunities to show Christ-like love and to have the discernment to know when to share words of encouragement or the boldness to bring words of challenge


  • The bereaved and those in hospital


  • Christians facing doubt and temptation to have conviction of the truth and courage to act in obedience. Pray they would receive encouragement from other Christians