Prayer Requests – 30th November 2014

For your prayers in the coming week …


  • Efficient handling of all the shoeboxes, so that they would reach people who will be encouraged to receive them, and for many opportunities for Christian witness. Nearly 70 from this congregation and over 160 from the Lower School


  • Delivery of the Christmas cards next week. Pray that our invitations to friends and neighbours would be accepted and fruitful. Local churches with new vicars; Stephen Holroyd in the Stodden group, Peter Kay in Milton Ernest


  • It was recently reported that, worldwide, more Christians are persecuted or displaced than any other religious group. Pray for those whose faith is challenged and for the persecutors to meet Christ through Christian witness


  • Pray for those who are adjusting to the diagnosis of a serious illness and for those close to them to know how to give the best support


  • Tackling Ebola; the organisations in the DEC to know how to make a real difference to those who are ill and their families. Pray for the mental and physical strength of all health workers and for the comfort of all who have been bereaved


  • For wide and thoughtful engagement with the issues in politics as a general election approaches. Pray for all Christians working in politics to be faithful