Prayer Requests – 2nd November 2014

In Your Prayers Please Remember …

  • Pray for stamina, discipline and imagination among all who are offering care to the individuals & communities affected by Ebola – medical workers, organisers, educators, pastors and counsellors
  • That all who have been at All Saints, All Together would be able to apply what they have learned and that the whole congregation would be strengthened as a result
  • Pray for all who have been bereaved, those recovering from or facing operations and those receiving long term medical treatment
  • Christian brothers and sisters caught up in violent situations or facing direct persecution. Pray that they would have confidence to entrust themselves to God’s care as they seek to witness and to love both their neighbours and their enemies
  • Christians who face doubt & temptation to have conviction of the truth and courage to act in obedience. Pray that they would receive encouragement from other Christians