Prayer Requests – 27th July 2014

Please consider these items in your prayers …


Leaders and helpers at CPAS ventures or and throughout the summer, and those who are volunteering in overseas aid or missionary projects. Pray that the experiences would help them to be wholehearted in serving Christ when they return to everyday life as members of their home churches and for the impact on the young people who attend


Christians undergoing persecution – many are being killed when they refuse to convert. Pray that under pressure and in distress they would be able to remember God’s “very great and precious promises” and have deep confidence that they “will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 1:4 and 11) Especially remember those in the ancient Christian communities of Mosul in Iraq and the few who remain in Baghdad


For clarity of thought and humility as we engage with challenging issues, that we might be committed to godly obedience even if it should lead to unpopular points of view.


School staff and pupils on Summer Holiday. That all would have opportunity to be refreshed, to spend their time well and not disruptively for their homes, families or communities


All who are bereaved, ill or facing some personal trial. Pray that those in hospital may receive the most appropriate medical and personal support


That each of us would grow in Christian character and be productive in our witness in Riseley