Prayer Requests – 13th July 2014

Please consider these items in your prayers …



Christians undergoing persecution, trials and suffering for their faith

1 Peter 4:19 – those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good


For all people under strain in difficult circumstances and the friends and families who are trying to give them support. Staff in care and nursing homes. Carers of people with chronic conditions to have patience and stamina


For clarity of thought and humility as we engage with challenging issues, that we might be committed to godly obedience even if it should lead to unpopular points of view. Pray for those debating the Assisted Dying Bill in the House of Lords; the debate and vote on legislation relating women Bishops at General Synod (and many other important debates there this week); questions for churches of all denominations and especially the Church of England in response to the law concerning same sex marriages


The rapidly moving discussions and proposals regarding the structure of schools across our area. Pray for headteachers, staff and governing bodies to be alert to the long term consequences of changes and the short term disruptions, especially with regard to the impact on pupils and family arrangements


All preparing for marriage to have an equal measure of joy and seriousness so that God’s design for marriage may be honoured